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Loyal Until Death- Coming Soon
Primitivo- Coming Soon
Archspire- Coming Soon
Incantation- Coming Soon
Gutslit- Coming Soon
Artizan- Coming Soon
Green Death- Coming Soon
Dragonlord- Coming Soon
Aghora - Coming Soon
Ex Deo - The Immortal Wars| Napalm Records
Mors Principium Est - Embers of a Dying World| AFM Records
Crowbar - The Serpent only Lies| eOne Records
Testament - Brotherhood of the Snake| Nuclear Blast Records
Venom Prison - Animus| Prosthetic Records
Izegrim - The Ferryman's End| Hammerheart Records
Anacrusis - Hindsight: Suffering Hour (*LP)| Hammerheart Records
Anacrusis - Hindsight: Reason (*LP)| Hammerheart Records
Ferium - Behind the Black Eyes| Ferium Records
Spheron - A Clockwork Universe| Apostasy records
Fleshgod Apocalypse - King| Nuclear Blast records
Winterhorde - Maestro| TBA
Satan - Atom by Atom| Listenable records
Soulfly - Archangel| Nuclear Blast records
Hate Eternal - Infernus| Season of Mist records
Acrania - Fearless| Conaculta
Kenn Nardi - Dancing with the Past| Divebomb Records
Green Death - Manufacturing Evil| Confuse & Offend Records
Artizan - The Furthest Reaches| Pure Steel Records
Johannes Zetterberg - Equanimity| Innate Groove Records
Gormathon - Following the Beast| Napalm Records
Contracrash - Thy Kingdom Come| Rockwerk Records, 2015
Striker - City of Gold| Napalm Records
Satan - Trail of Fire| Listenable Records
Big End Bolt - Killstruments & Deathuds| Label TBA
Incantation - Dirges of Elysium| Listenable Records
Orpheus Blade - Wolf's Cry| Pitch Black Records
Firewolfe - We Rule the Night| Rubicon Music
Divot - To Shape the Mold| Divot Music
Mammothor - Tyrannicide| Mammothor Records
Shrapnel - The Virus Conspires| Candlelight Records
Iced Earth - Plagues of Babylon| Century Media Records
Mind Grinder - Prop Agenda| Independent release
Testament - Live DVD : Dark Roots of Thrash| Nuclear Blast
Kataklysm - Waiting for the End to Come Digipak+LP| Nuclear Blast
Green Death - The Deathening| Confuse & Offend Records
Prey on the Fallen - Prey on the Fallen| Independent release
Spheron - Ecstasy of God| Apostasy Records
Evile - SKULL| Earache Records / Century Media Records
Satan - Life Sentence| Listenable Records
Tristania - Darkest White| Napalm Records
Artizan - Ancestral Energy| Pure Steel Records
Albatross - Descent| Gateway Music
Reign of the Architect - Rise| Pitch Black Records
Dark Sermon - In Tongues| E1 Records
Apatica - Coma ראשונה| Independent release
Duskmachine - Duskmachine| Massacre Records
Hatebreed - The Divinity of Purpose| Razor & Tie Records
Essence - Last Night of Solace| Noise Art Records
Testament - Dark Roots of Earth| Nuclear Blast Records
Testament - True American Hate (single)| Nuclear Blast Records
Testament - Native Blood (single)| Nuclear Blast Records
Acrania - An Uncertain Collision| Independent release
Melange - Exit Strategy| Independent release
Ferium - Reflections| Independent release
Serenity Defiled - Where Chaos Reigns| Independent release
Hammercult - Anthems of the Damned| Sonic Attack Records
Synkronizity - Cultivation| Achoy Music Records
Dublin Death Patrol - Death Sentence| Mascot Records
Gods of Eden - Gods of Eden EP| Independent release
Fester - A Celebration of Death| Abyss Records
Havok - Statues of Sisyphus| ViciSolum Records
Clairvoyants - Shape of Things to Come| Valery Records
Advent of Bedlam - Flesh over God| Envenomed Records
Power Theory - An Axe to Grind| Pure Steel Records
(EchO) - Devoid of Illusions| BadMoodMan Records
Slaughter Denial - Treachery| Crash & Burn Records
Immortal Souls - The Requiem for the Art of Death| Dark Balance
Aggression - Viocracy| Xtreem Music Records
Sigh - In Somniphobia| Candlelight Records
Communic - The Bottom Deep| Nuclear Blast Records
Detonation - Reprisal | Independent release
Castrofate - Systematic Suicide | Cataclysmic Metal Records
Castrofate - iHuman | Cataclysmic Metal Records
Sodom - In War and Pieces | SPV Records
Atheist - Jupiter | Season of Mist Records
Dublin Death Patrol - 4 Life | Mascot Records Reissue
Virus - The Agent That Shapes The Desert | Duplicate Records
Acrania - Unbreakable Fury | Independent release
Benighted Soul - Start from Scratch | Savage Prod/Season of Mist
Hyperion - Orchestrating the Myth | Independent release
Logruss - Apparatus Anima | Independent release
Severed - Severed | Independent release
Enders Game - What We've Lost | Super Hola Records
Anacrusis - HINDSIGHT: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited | Tribunal
Master - The Human Machine | Pulverised Records
Sigh - Scenes From Hell | The End Records
Mekong Delta - Wanderer on the Edge of Time | AAARRG Records
Sublime Eyes - Dawn of the Defiant | Independent release
The Crinn - Dreaming Saturn | Nuclear Blast Records
Immortal Dominion - Primortal | 2nd edition, 427Records
Cavalar - Recoil | Voice Music
The Alien Blakk - Modes of Alienation | 2009 Re-release
GWAR - Lust in Space | INSIDE background, NOT the cover. Metal Blade
Align - Demo 2009 | Promotional Demo
Mandala - I | Independent release
Immortal Dominion - Primortal | 1st pressing , 427Records
Robot Lords of Tokyo - II:Whiskey,Blood & Napalm | Independent
Deceiver - Thrashing Heavy Metal | Pulverised Records
Sorrow's Joy - Fallow Ground | Independent release
Abysmalia - Portals to Psychotic Inertia | Independent release
Prey For Nothing - Violence Divine | Rusty Cage Records
Thy Majestie - Dawn | Dark Balance Records
Testament - The Formation of Damnation | Nuclear Blast Records
Masachist - Death March Fury | Witching Hour Productions
Desolation - Lexicon V | Independent release
Xerath - Xerath Demo | Promotional Demo
Ansur - Warring Factions | Candlelight Records/Nocturnal Art
Grant O'neil - Head-On | Independent release
To-Mera - Delusions | Candlelight Records
Baliset - A Time for Rust | Independent release
Anjeliina - The Rebirth | Independent release
Liberty N' Justice - 4 All : the best of LNJ | Versallis Records
sHeavy - The Machine That Won the War | Candlelight Records
Mekong Delta - Lurking Fear | AFM Records/Candlelight Records
Mena Brinno - Icy Muse | Dark Balance Records
Thrustor - Night of Fire | Emanesmetal Records
The Old Dead Tree - The Water Fields | Season of Mist Records
Detonation - Emission Phase | Osmose Productions
Aghora - Formless | European edition , Season of Mist Records
Denis Vlachiotis - Imperishable Ferocity | Independent release
Dissonant - Perspective | Independent release
Savannah - S/T | Independent release
Sickening Horror - When Landscapes Bleed Backwards | Neurotic
Aghora - Formless | American edition , Dobles Music
Abed - The Coming of Soon | Independent release
Abused Romance - S/T | Independent release
Dred - A Pathway to Extinction | Independent release
To-Mera - Transcendental | Candlelight Records
Bishop of Hexen - The Nightmarish Compositions | SPV/CCP Records
Armilos - Race of Lies | Independent release
Solitary - Trail of Omission | Independent release


Dean Guitars - EPZ (Eric Peterson signature model)
Dean Guitars - The Hunter EV (Eric Peterson signature model)
Dean Guitars - Old Skull (Eric Peterson signature model)


Hate Eternal - 2015 'Infernus' stage design & artwork
Soulfly - 2015 'Archangel' stage design & artwork
Exodus - 2014 'Impaled' stage design & artwork
Iced Earth - 2013 Plagues of Babylon stage design & artwork
Kataklysm - 2013 Waiting for the End to Come stage design & artwork
Testament - 2013 Dark Roots of Thrash 'Stone Etching' stage design & artwork
Testament - 2012 Dark Roots of Earth stage design & artwork
GWAR - Lust in Space tour 2010 'Syn Battle Scene' stage design & artwork
Hatebreed - 2013 The Divinity of Purpose stage design & artwork
Testament - 2010 'Legacy' stage design & artwork
Testament - 2008-2009 Formation of Damnation stage design & artwork


Satan - 'Atome by Atom' t-shirt
Hate Eternal - 'Infernus' t-shirt
Iced Earth - 'Set close-up' t-shirt
Iced Earth - 'Virates' t-shirt
Iced Earth - 'VIP 2014' t-shirt
Spheron - 'Extasy of God' t-shirt
Testament - 'Live Dark Roots of THRASH' t-shirt
Iced Earth - 'Plagues of Babylon' t-shirt
Satan - 'Trail of Fire' t-shirt
Kataklysm - 'Waiting for the End to Come' t-shirt
Mason - 'Warhead' t-shirt
Dark Sermon - 'In Tongues' t-shirt
Prey of the Fallen - 'Prey of the Fallen' t-shirt
Tristania - 'Darkest White' t-shirt
Evile - 'Skull' t-shirt
Satan - 'Life Sentence' t-shirt
Hatebreed - 'The Divinity of Purpose' t-shirt
Testament - 'Throne of Thorns' t-shirt
Testament - 'Dark Roots of Earth' all-over t-shirt
Testament - 'Alone in the Dark' t-shirt
Testament - 'Aphocalyptic City' t-shirt
Testament - 'Dog Faces Gods' t-shirt
Atheist - 'Jupiter' t-shirt
To-Mera - 'Logo 2010' t-shirt
Testament - 'Army/Legions' t-shirt
Testament - 'Legacy 2010' t-shirt
Sigh - 'Dancers' t-shirt
Baliset - 'Robot' t-shirt
The Old Dead Tree - 'Water Fields' t-shirt
To-Mera - 'Red Transcendental' t-shirt
Ouroboros - 'Prometheus' t-shirt
Castrofate - 'iHuman' t-shirt
(EchO) - '2011 logo' t-shirt
Gods of Eden - 'E.P.' t-shirt
Sphron - 'Ecstasy of God' t-shirt
Ferium - 'Reflections' t-shirt


Moshe Peled - Back to the Circuit | Kavim Publishing Inc.
Mark Workman - One for the Road | Road Crew Books


To-Mera (only 2012 onwards)
Shredhead (only 2012 onwards)
(EchO) (only 2011 onwards)
Gods of Eden
Road Crew Books